Healing Circle & Exchange

Healing Circle & Exchange

How often do you receive healing yourself?
As energy workers we are often better givers than receivers. Allow yourself in this circle to be nourished with healing and wisdom. Whatever form of healing or body work you do, feel free to join this circle. We create a space to share wisdom, experiences and to work on each other. Through sharings, 1 on 1 sessions and group healing sessions depending on the energy of the group and the moment.

Let’s break through the frameworks so that we can grow together! Nowadays you see many different forms of healing techniques with different names and ways of working. I strongly believe all forms of healing are interconnected and should be more connected on earth. Let’s share wisdom, learn form each other, meet fellow workers and enjoy the beauty of healing work.

About Beyond Egos & Lisa
Beyond Egos is a place for healing, transformation and connection with ourselves, each other and the spirit world. The aim is to bring more love and connection into the universe so that all beings may be happy and in harmony. With this underlying philosophy, Beyond Egos organises a variation of healing activities like plant healing ceremonies, circles, retreats, workshops and other spiritual activities that are down to earth and playful.
There are many aspects in spirituality that I feel a huge passion for, but ultimately I get the most energy from supporting the healing process of people. I investigate the needs and intentions for each individual and then support people with the healing method that best fits. I am also convinced that a combination of healing methods complement each other and help to transform problems on different levels. I am a Reiki Master, Kambo Practitioner and I work with Trance Healing and other forms of energy work. In addition, I follow courses in mediumship to further develop my sensitivity and clairvoyance, among other things.

Would you like to join?
Please drop an email to lisa@beyondegos.com!
Experience with healing or bodywork is required for participation.



mrt 13 2020


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



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Beyond Egos
Lisa Marieke


Lisa Marieke
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